Account Information

Connecting To The FTP Server

You may view the web pages you created or access your own files over internet by uploading them to the student server. You may upload a total of 50 MB's of files, and it is forbidden to upload illegal content (e.g. files protected by law such as mp3, e-book, etc).

In order to upload files to student server, apply the following steps:
  1. Open My Computer icon from desktop.
  2. Type ftp://student.cankaya.edu.tr/ in the newly opened window's address bar.
  3. When asked, use your student server username and password to login.
After you are connected to the ftp server, you will see a folder named public_html. In order to view your uploaded files, you must copy them into the public_html folder.

To view the files you have uploaded, use the address http://student.cankaya.edu.tr/~username/.
For example, web page of the student with id 200401347 can be accessed from http://student.cankaya.edu.tr/~c0401347/.